PS4 Exclusive Uncharted Lost Legacy First Look Screenshots Revealed and There’s No Nathan Drake

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Nathan Drake, the star of Uncharted series by Naughty Dog finally bids goodbye to the series.

Uncharted 4 will be the last PS4 exclusive game to feature Drake as he is being replaced by other characters in the new game.

The first look screenshots for Lost Legacy, the next game in the series was released today. It gives players a deep perspective on how the game is building up. The title is still in its early stages but the screenshots showcase familiar characters like Nadine, Asav and Chloe. Some of these characters might be familiar to gamers while others are completely new introduced to give a new lease of life to the Uncharted series.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Naughty Dog didn’t have to think twice before bringing Chloe back as she has a darker shade compared to Nathan Drake. Nadine is coming back to hunt for treasure so as to cope up with her wrong decisions made in Uncharted 4, reads the blog. In terms of gameplay and level design, the developers are going with a familiar approach yet are going to add many new elements to keep it interesting.

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While it resembles Uncharted 4 in many ways, Uncharted Lost Legacy on PS4 is building its storyline, levels and game objectives based around more rational characters. Unlike Drake who had a hero complex, Nadine and Chloe are highly trained yet tend to think more before they engage in combat. Besides, the women had not faced such demanding situations in the past.

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The Playstation 4 hardware remains the same but the game’s new level design features one of the largest areas ever witnessed in an Uncharted game. They are planning to push the boundaries just like they did with the Last of Us on PS3 before the console’s lifecycle came to an end. The Lost Legacy will have plenty of puzzles to solve, new regions to explore, shootouts and action at its best. The story is set in the Western Ghats of India or possibly a part of the game will take place here.

PS4 Exclusive Uncharted Lost Legacy

New combat gear including a silent pistol is added to the game providing non-linear gameplay so that players could tackle enemies from any direction. Uncharted The Lost Legacy will be a PS4 standalone exclusive which will be much bigger in size compared to The Last of Us Left Behind, confirmed Naughty Dog in their interview posted on the PS4 blog. The screenshots are plenty and give a good idea of how gorgeous the game would look.

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