Audi Promises to Deliver Self-Driving Cars to Buyers by 2021

Audi Self-Driving Cars

Most automobile manufacturers should think twice because manufacturing a fully autonomous car is no easy task.

Audi is along the route with many other car makers and promises that they will be ready with self-driving cars by 2021.

While majority of the brands are focusing on electric motors and making vehicles that are more eco-friendly, autonomous driving is a hot topic. It allows drivers to relax while on their way to a desired destination, operate autonomous public transports in countries where they are required and significantly reduce the number of accidents that occur due to human errors. Autonomous cars equipped with multiple sensors, satellite navigation and the ability to communicate with other cars on the road can bring collisions down to zero in due time.


Audi which is part of the Volkswagen group is working on making driverless cars which will hit stores by 2021, confirmed the company’s head. The information also comes from the autonomous intelligent research and development wing. “VW group is working on creating driverless vehicles in urban environments and the first model to hit the streets will most probably be the Volkswagen Up!,” reads the announcement. The production of this model is expected to commence early in the next decade, possibly after 2020.

Self-driving systems are being standardized across the globe in different countries where it is being considered as a huge improvement for automobiles. People have been driving cars for too long and being able to relax while they commute to office amidst traffic sounds like a dream come true for daily commuters. Volkswagen Group will join other automobile manufacturers to adopt the new technology and the features that will be found across all self-driving cars of the future.

The first car is expected to be offered in at least 15 different regions on launch. Audi A8 will be the first model to receive the level 3 autonomous rating and an Audi A7 is also in the making. The topmost level they plan to achieve is level 5 autonomous driving which doesn’t require any human intervention at all as the car operates completely on its own.

Audi Self-Driving Cars

Tesla has been ahead of all other companies including Audi in implementing self-driving technology. However, the company had come across many technical hurdles and laws related to autonomous vehicles are yet to be properly implemented. It hinders the manufacturers from moving forward and 2021 sounds like a good time to start off for such futuristic implementations.