Automotive Startup Faraday Future Unveils Prototype of a New Electric SUV

The automotive startup Faraday Future recently unveiled the prototype of its new SUV at the CES a few weeks ago.

The company plans to commence production of the FF 91 at the earliest in 2018. Advance booking for a sum of $5,000 is available to those who are interested in taking the ownership of the car. This amount is refundable and can be claimed back if you change your mind later. The manufacturer is primarily targeting those who want full time entertainment for its vehicle. At the unveiling ceremony, Nick Simpson, senior VP of R&D and engineering said, “We’re not stopping with automotive. We’re a technology company reformatting the future of mobility”. The event also showcased the initial stages of the company’s Arizonian factory. Using the variable platform architecture, any size vehicle can be manufactured by adjusting the size of the center frame and battery pack.

Faraday Future New Electric SUV

Drawing inspiration from the Telsa Model 3, some highlights of this car are supposed to be its 1,050 horsepower, all wheel turning, all-wheel driving, an impressive mileage of 378 miles and a 130 kWh pack. Apart from the high-speed rendition, the SUV has also various other features like reclining seats, cameras and displays that are quite similar to what you experience in a first class airline. At the rear, the SUV is equipped with suicide doors and a Lidar puck that emerges from under the hood when you operate the FF 91 in autonomous mode. For Internet savvy folks, the car will come with two Wi-Fi hotspots and many modems offering non-stop broadband connectivity. And if this is not enough, the SUV will be designed to analyze your customized FFID and shortlist what you would like to listen or watch when travelling in it. The FF 91 is also being designed to save the driver the hassle of having to find a parking space in places like shopping malls and cinema theaters. The driver can just get off the car at the destination and the FF 91 will drive off on its own in search of a parking space.

As of now, there is no information on the pricing for the car or what packages it will encompass. However, Faraday is all geared up for the challenge and ready to persist beat all odds as stated by Simpson at the close of the event.

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