Battlefield 1 Alpha Game Leaked Screenshots Reveal UI, Browser and Loadout Screen

Battlefield 1 Alpha Game Leaked Screenshots

The Battlefield 1 alpha is now underway and only a select group of people are allowed to take part in it.

While there will be an open beta close to release date, this event is purely for development purposes.

Very few gamers had the opportunity to actually participate in it. When Electronic Arts and Dice announced Battlefield 1 right before E3 2016, it created a hype like no other game in recent times. Fans have been requesting developers to create a world war first person shooter for a long time. Both Call of Duty and Battlefield used to be such titles until they switched to modern warfare. Finally, someone in the team approved the idea and we have a World War I multiplayer shooter made with next generation graphical fidelity.

The only problem with the ongoing Battlefield 1 Alpha event is that those who participate were not allowed to share any information, give interviews or show screenshots of what they saw there. Despite all the security measures, someone has managed to capture screenshots of the game’s loadout UI, server browser and overall interface. The leaked screenshots show us how the actual game would look like. It is still in its early stages and there could be some changes made.

Battlefield 1 Alpha

Battlefield 1 is probably to going to feature an in-game server browser. For a long time, DICE kept the browser to their Battlelog service. It is also because games take time to be found and to get into. PC gamers found it easier to browse through other software while Battlelog helped them find the best server. In the new title, the team is going a server browser that is part of the game and you should be logged into it so as to access the feature.

Loadout customization interface is fun where all the old age weapons are available with their own customization options. It looks like domination and conquest where the only modes available for play during the Battlefield 1 Alpha. Warbonds, a token like currency used in game to buy items will be introduced with the title. The concept is already prevalent in Counter Strike and Battlefield Hardline. EA and DICE is going to keep it in the new shooter to make people spend more on their game.

As always, DLCs will be available for additional costs with more maps. Check out the leaked images posted by a Reddit user.

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