Overwatch – The Maps and Gameplay Features In New Competitive Play


The much awaited Competitive Play mode has been finally rolled out for Overwatch.

Let’s explore the best maps, gameplay style and the changes that differentiate the mode from the casual mode.

Blizzard, developers of Overwatch has rolled out the new Competitive Play on PC. They have confirmed that it will soon be rolled out to players on Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Within days since its launch, there is a competitive update that has been released so as to balance gameplay in this extremely fierce mode. It is a completely serious experience and a player’s individual as well as team play skills matter a lot in order to achieve the objective.

Competitive Play is available only for players who are level 25 or above. It is similar to the system used in Dota 2, League of Legends and other popular MOBAs. The higher level ensures that those who enter the mode are well versed with the heroes, the maps, mechanics and basic powers. It also ensures the mode is truly competitive with teams made of professional players and not those who simply want to roam the map. Another change is that the skill level increases or decreases with every match, making it extremely difficult to maintain it unless you have a good team backing you all the time.

Overwatch New Competitive Play

Out of the maps available, control maps stand apart with their unique gameplay system. The maps are played based on best of five format. The team which scores three points will win. There is also the escort and hybrid maps. It is similar to the capture the flag format used in Unreal tournament. Whenever a player captures a point or delivers a payload, they earn a point. If both teams fail to earn enough scores to win, the match will automatically enter the sudden death mode.

Assault maps are also part of the Overwatch Competitive Play where each team is given an opportunity to play as the offense. The game keeps switching sides until a team scores the most. Sudden Death, as the name suggests is a single match where everything is randomly placed and whoever wins first will be concluded as the winner of the round. A leaderboard system is also in the cards.

Developers of Overwatch in their official blog added that there will be a top 500 players list displayed on each platform. Every player has the chance to be in this list if they got the necessary skills.

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