Battlefield 1 Beta Is Coming Soon, Pick Your Platform Now

Battlefield 1

Playing a new multiplayer title weeks ahead of others is always fun.Battlefield 1 beta is about to begin shortly and this is the right time to pick a platform of your choice.

The Battlefield insider page, the site where you are supposed to sign up for the beta program and choose your platform is now open. While Battlefield 1 is getting launched on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, players should choose one of them to receive the beta invitation. You may have two different consoles or PCs but EA wants you to play the game on just one and give your feedback.

The beta is limited which is a good thing. Trying to Battlefield 1 on multiple platforms will simply confuse the end result. If you are a PC gamer just like many others, just login to your Origin client and the sign up page will pop up inside the client. Click on it and you will be redirected to the website to select PC as your platform of choice for the beta program.

Battlefield 1 Beta Is Coming Soon, Pick Your Platform Now

A similar process should be followed by Microsoft and Sony console owners. Just head to the site and pick Xbox One, PS4 so that Electronic Arts, DICE can send you the beta codes once everything is ready. In most scenarios, EA will have an open beta for all their Battlefield series games. It is common for PC gamers where you can login, download the game and start playing. No special codes are available.

Sometimes, open beta may not be available on PS4 or Xbox One console. If you are keen on playing Battlefield 1 before it launches, it is wise to sign up right away. EA is tight lipped about beta dates. It is expected to go live after the Gamescom 2016 event. The expo ends on August 21st which leads us to a possible end of the month or the first week of September.

The alpha program for the game was limited to press and celebrities. Beta will be open to everyone who signs up. It gives developers the time to work on bugs, fix any issues and see how well their servers could handle load. EA in their fiscal report claimed that they expect the new World War I game to sell less when compared to earlier Battlefield titles. We can confirm the claim only after the game launches and see how gamers respond to it.

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