Battlefield 1 Campaign Could be the New Modern Warfare

Battlefield 1 Campaign

EA and DICE released a new trailer for Battlefield 1 campaign mode.

It looks so promising that most gamers believe it could be the new age Modern Warfare that everyone is looking for.

Battlefield 1 Campaign

Call of Duty revamped the first person shooter genre with Modern Warfare series. Battlefield has always been the best in the multiplayer scenario but developers DICE always came up with lackluster single player campaigns. Visually they were some of the best levels you could ask for and will give even the most high-end PCs a run for their money. But, they never appealed in terms of storyline and memorable characters.

Everything seems to have undergone a drastic change with the new Battlefield 1 single player campaign. When the publisher announced that the game will be set during World War I, people had little idea about how its single player campaign could look. Most were focused on the multiplayer aspect the BF series is known.

True to the expectation, the game was massively addictive with weapons, vehicles and most importantly horses from the World War I. The open beta was a huge success despite some minor complaints from players. DICE has taken every input into account and will be implementing them in the final game. They have also added Conquest and other modes to satisfy longtime fans.

A surprise addition is the single player campaign trailer released by Electronic Arts. The visuals are top notch as one could expect from a Battlefield game. The characters and the setting instantly strike the right chords among gamers. Most opine that it has been a long time since they have wanted to play the single player mode and Battlefield 1 might convince them to do so.

Battlefield 1

If it becomes a massive hit among gamers, it might even convince Call of Duty to visit the past era one more time and start making shooters based on World Wars. After all, Modern Warfare convinced every developer to adopt modern shooters and led to an era without health or ammo boxes.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is based on futuristic space wars and probably it might have a good campaign as well. Can Battlefield 1 actually revamp the entire scenario and push developers to make more World War games? We really hope it does because it’s time to go backwards as we already have futuristic shooters like Titanfall 2 and the rumored Destiny 2 for those who like it.

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