Mercedes Releases Teaser Image of Electric SUV Ahead of Paris Expo

Mercedes Electric SUV Teaser

Mercedes is about to launch a new electric SUV at the 2016 Paris auto show.

Right before the event, the company released teaser image of the car giving people a glimpse of the ambitious project they are working on.

Mercedes Benz Electric SUV Teaser

Electric SUVs were made popular by Tesla’s Model X that was incredibly stylish and practical with great mileage. All other automobile manufacturers are following the path laid by the electric car brand. Mercedes released a video that gives us a good idea of how the car would look like. It has undergone some drastic changes including a three-pointed star logo mounted on the center of the grille.

The front end of the car hardly resembles the current lineup Mercedes has. Instead, the engineers, we assume have gone for a new look to differentiate the electric cars from the regular ones. It is a laudable move because buyers will find the differentiation appealing and it could also boost sales of electric models. On the inside, a futuristic digital interface is mounted on the dashboard. The cabin is a mix of white and blue colors with an aesthetic look.

“The new launch is our tangible vision of a completely new generation of cars that are all powered by an electric motor and powerful batteries,” reads the statement on the official Mercedes website. While the launch takes place this year, it might take its own sweet time to hit the stores.

While Mercedes has not confirmed the overall distance covered by their electric SUV, rumors confirmed that it should offer no less than 300 miles to cope up with increasing competition. The SUV is to be mounted on a brand new vehicle architecture Mercedes has built for electric cars. It has ample space for the battery to be mounted unlike a gasoline architecture.

Mercedes Electric SUV Teaser

The electric motors of the SUV will be mounted near the front and rear axles. It is expected to be a versatile platform that can be used to construct different vehicles. We expect that Mercedes will also use it to build future sedans. The company has planned to release at least four different EVs before the end of 2020.

Apart from the Tesla Model X, Mercedes electric SUV will also compete against the Audi SUV powered by an electric motor. The EV market is getting stronger with all the top brands in it and it won’t be long before we see them in stores.

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