Battlefield 1 Doesn’t Have Commander Mode, Confirmed DICE

Battlefield -1

Battlefield 1 is building up at a great phase and the game has already finished its alpha trial.

Gamers who took part in the event managed to leak some of the information including screenshots of the user interface, weapons and gadgets.

Compared to the previous games in the series, developer DICE and Electronic Arts had to make a lot of conscious decision in order to keep things balanced. World War I is a completely new setup for a modern shooter. Most games launched in the past decade focused on being the best in gadgets but never ventured back in time. DICE is taking a bold step forward and the company has already been met with much appreciation for bringing the best of the past in present generation graphics.

The game features a single player campaign which is probably the most important feature of them all. While we do know that it is going to be set in the World War I period, it has also been confirmed that Battlefield 1 will have 10 chapters split into smaller missions. Plenty of new weapons and gadgets including horses are part of the game.

Battlefield 1

In their official statement, DICE said that they have decided to remove the Commander mode from Battlefield 1 due to obvious reasons. In their statement, the developers said, “We felt that such a mode never made sense in the historical context. There were no such equipment or technology available to view the battle from above. Besides, we always wanted the soldiers in the battlefield to understand everything and act accordingly. The tactical choice is to remove it and make the game more competitive.”

While Battlefield 1 is going towards the World War era, Call of Duty franchise which is the biggest competitor for the DICE developed game is taking an entirely new approach. The developers have pushed it to the limits to by introducing space warfare which is a brand new genre. Most gamers are annoyed by the fact but we can’t come to a conclusion so early because it’s a long way to go before the official launch.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to get launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 21st. It is rumored that an open beta will take place in the month of August where everyone could give the game a shot and see if it is worth purchasing when launched. Bugs should be plenty but let’s hope it is in minimal levels.

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