Battlefield 1 Dynamic Weather Is A Step Ahead, Says DICE

Battlefield 1 Dynamic Weather

The entire Battlefield series is known for its scripted weather changes but Battlefield 1 is taking dynamic weather to a new level, says its developer DICE.

Battlefield 4 is easily one of the best military shooters, especially maps like Paracel Storm and Gulf of Oman. The weather changes drastically and it will ensure that you can hardly see the enemy ahead. The storm in the ocean is an amazing experience when you have to maneuver boats to reach your objective. It is also difficult for snipers and every other player on board to aim to take down an enemy.

The only drawback is that they were scripted and takes place at a specific time. Battlefield 1 is supposed to feature dynamic weather which will change at the drop of a hat and confuse the entire team. If one of the team has found a tight spot uphill and is taking down others easily, they will be lost in the blizzard. It gives enough time for the losing team to charge and take every last one out before placing spawn points there.

Battlefield 1

Each map in Battlefield 1 is designed to be out of a player’s control. They can hardly have a stronghold of any spot and the dense fog will make a sniper feel as if they have gone blind. The player has to switch positions which in other words deny camping and a huge open map can suddenly become a melee playground because of the changing weather. It will still be difficult because enemies will pop up in front of you and quick reflexes will determine the outcome of the fight.

Players should be alert as the weather changes will be specified through birds flying away in a different direction. Rain drops will populate the armor, weapon and vehicles before the big storm hits you. Once storm sets in, pilots have to fly really low to actually hit a target. It makes them vulnerable and they will no longer be the almighty air force but can be shot down by a well-timed anti-aircraft gun.

“We have changed the dynamic weather according to the map. The Western front will have dense fog while when you walk up the mountains, the density will go down. At the same time, the fog will be there below you making it difficult to spot an enemy and shoot him down from a distance. There are both advantages and disadvantages that makes every round count,” wrote DICE.

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