Kode57 Is A New Concept Car From Ken Okuyama Launched At Monterey Week

Kode57 Is A New Concept Car From Ken Okuyama

Monterey car week was a fun and exciting event for automobile lovers.

Every last company had their stunning vehicles leave a mark including a Kode57 concept car from Ken Okuyama.

The brand is little known among buyers as it is relatively new and but the cars they have created so far looks nothing short of spectacular. The models are still in their early production stages and it might be a while before you see one of them in the stores. The Kode57 cocnept was first spotted at the 2016 Quail Motorsports gathering.

It has found its way to the Monterey car week this time where Ken Okuyama confirmed that the model is powered by a V12 engine. Obviously, the powertrain confirmed that it is a dire beast on the inside and could easily set a benchmark for unparalleled performance. Okuyama earlier used to be the lead designer for some of the iconic and stylish cars from the past.

He was the person behind the Pininfarina brand and also played a key role in designing the Maserati Quattroporte, Ferrari Enzo and the Maserati Birdcage. The designing team is going for aerodynamic humps with a thrusting, sporty front end design and unique doors, also known as suicide doors. They are bit similar to gullwing doors but they actually open on the opposite side giving the passengers a somewhat flight-like stairs when they get out of the car.

Kode57 Is A New Concept Car

The 6.0-liter V12 engine is capable of delivering more than 600 horsepower. Such a fast car needs the right amount of power and balance which is provided by large 21-inch wheels supplied by Pirelli P zero tires. With enough influence in the automobile industry, Okuyama has also managed to bring the top players to help him build his dream car. Novitec Rosso, top tuner from Ferrari has contributed his fair share of suggestions to make the Kode57 concept car better before it reaches its final production stage.

Customers will have the option to tune the expensive model to their liking. Rosso will help them increase the suspension and ride height allowing them to cover tall parking spots and to favor easy city driving. The insides are adorned by handmade leather including electric seats, air-conditioner and a fully adjustable steering wheel.

The concept model will be extremely limited in numbers when launched and probably will be sold out before it hits stores. We don’t have information on its pricing yet.

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