Battlefield 1 Exclusive Collector’s Edition Priced At $130, Game Not Included

Battlefield 1

Shelling out $130 for a game is no easy task especially with the Battlefield 1 priced at just $60 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The next big catch comes in a whole new level because you are probably not going to spend over a hundred dollar for the game but just to get an exclusive statue, playing cards, patch and poster. So, if you want to play Battlefield 1, the only way is to spend another $60 so that you could own the actual game. It sounds a bit ridiculous because the DLC packs as a whole will cost another sixty dollars and in the end you will be paying more than $200 for a single title.

Is EA and DICE’s Battlefield 1 really worth such an exorbitant amount? It’s sure a matter of personal perspective and we can’t comment on it. For anyone who has excess cash to spare or an ardent fan of the series, it should be fun to own the 14-inch collector’s edition statue. The messenger pigeon tube is equally impressive and some exclusive DLC content is bundled with the pack. It is available for pre-order on Amazon right now.

Battlefield 1 Exclusive Collector’s Edition

An exclusive patch which can either be saved in your box of special items or can be used on your PC to show how dedicated you are to the Battlefield franchise. The bundle also includes a deck of playing cards with the game’s Battlefield 1 logo etched on the back. The front has the usual spades and hearts but the multiplayer maps are used in the background to keep you engaged.

A funny addition in the Battlefield 1 exclusive collector’s edition is the steelbook case. You actually don’t have a disc copy of the game or even a digital copy. But, the generous developers and publishers drop you with a steel book so that you could keep your game in it. They expected you to buy the title and store it. The posters are all printed in cloth, a unique way unlike other bundles which go for paper posters.

On the whole, we can easily recommend the Battlefield 1 collector’s edition if you don’t mind the $130 price. More importantly, the expense won’t stop there if you are actually planning to play the game as well. Get ready to spend some and acquire the most prolific content from the Battlefield franchise. They will easily fit in your PC table or near your television, just show off a bit!

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