Nexus 6P Prices Dropped to $399 on Amazon

Nexus 6P Prices Dropped to $399

There are intense rumors about Google preparing the launch of the next generation Nexus smartphones.

These seem to be true especially as Amazon has taken a huge slice off the Nexus 6P’s sticker price in the space of a week. Last week, the device was available for $419 which seemed like an extremely great value for money proposition. However, the price has now dropped to an astonishing $399, which is a whopping $150 reduction over the original sticker price when the phone was launched. This may seem like a great time to buy the phone since it especially comes with 64 GB of on-board storage.

Yet, those looking to own the latest device might be left disappointed soon, as the next generation Nexus phone could come within a month. Google is reportedly not worried about the presence of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Apple iPhone 7 launches taking a direct hit at the popularity of its next smartphone. At this price, the Nexus 6P may seem like a great buy for the value conscious buyer.

Nexus 6P

The phone has a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rivalling 5.7-inch screen with QHD resolution. This, of course, makes the phone feel especially large in most hands, but it has a small compromise for the level of detail available on such a large display. The glass is protected by the fourth generation gorilla glass. Even though the phone may have now become a sub $400 gadget, it still packs quite a punch due to the snapdragon 810 processor. Considering that we are in the age of the snapdragon 820 processors only now, the backbone of the Nexus 6P may take a while before showing its age.

Furthermore, the processor is assisted by 3 GB of RAM and these are more than decent specifications to ensure that the Nexus 6P will receive the upcoming Android Nougat. A 12.3-megapixel camera takes its place in the rear while a front facing eight-megapixel camera is great for selfies. The Nexus 6P was one of the first devices of its generation to come with USB Type-C port. This, it is future proof in several regards. The phone has a huge 3450 mAh battery considering the performance on-board and the large display size. Furthermore, it also supports fast charging.

The Nexus 6P may soon lose its top dog status in the Google Nexus family, but it is a great value for money buy now.

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