Battlefield 1 Lands on EA Access and Origin, The Cheapest Way to Play it

Battlefield 1

With most games priced at $60 or so, it becomes near impossible for players to be able to buy them all and play them at their convenience.

Even if you manage to buy one of them, there will always be this other amazing title that you would like to try out.

Electronic Arts uses Origin, the game distribution platform for the PC version of their titles. Battlefield 1 is one of the most popular multi-player shooters, not only on PC but also on the Xbox One and PS4. The cheapest version of the game is now available as the developers have added the superb multiplayer title to the EA Vault.

All games in the Vault are accessible to those who have subscribed to EA Access on the Xbox One console and Origin Access on PCs. The subscription costs just $4.99 a month and you will be able to play Battlefield 1 on your favorite platform. For an entire month, you get to play other popular Electronic Arts titles like FIFA 17, Battlefield 4, Titanfall and many other amazing games released in the past.

FIFA 17 EA Access

The advantage of going with the Vault on Windows PC or the Xbox One console is that you don’t have to spend $60 or more to try all these games. For an entire month, as a player you will have access to all the top EA titles for just $5 and even if you choose to continue the subscription for another six months or so, it will go all the way up to $30. With new games being added to the Vault almost every week, you will have some new title to check out from time to time while making good use of the money you spent.

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Battlefield 1 is easily the best World  War shooter made by DICE and released by Electronic Arts. When you get the game on Vault through EA Access or Origin Access subscription, you can check out the massive single player campaign created by the team featuring multiple heroes. Once it is complete, there is always the option to go to multiplayer matches and compete against players from around the globe.

Battlefield 1 EA Access and Origin

In other words, Battlefield 1 is not only a newly launched title but will also offer an entire month of gameplay in different perspectives to make sure you never get bored. And, there are other games to play on your PC or Xbox One console for just $4.99. Sounds like a sweet deal!

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