Renault Upgrades Clio RS with Black Edition Tweaks

Renault Clio RS Black

With styling packs, it is possible to upgrade an existing model making it look better and at times give its performance a slight boost.

The Renault Clio RS has received one such package which makes some minor changes to the car.

For performance enthusiasts this may not be the best upgrade because it is limited to multiple cosmetic changes and does tweaks to the available powertrain. For Renault, the Clio RS is the direct competitor to the popular Fiesta ST. Bringing it on par with many of their previous launches, the automobile manufacturers prefers to call it the Black Edition styling pack.

Renault Upgrades Clio RS

The particular styling pack can be acquired for both the 200 and 220 Trophy editions. These cars already use large 17-inch black alloy wheels and there won’t be any changes made to it. The black color will be applied throughout the car wherever possible so as to justify the pack. With the pack, buyers get black gloss door handles, in the front lip of the bumper and the rear diffuser. A special badging that is painted all black will also be part of it along with the tailgate molding.

Under the hood, the Renault Clio RS remains almost the same. It is still powered by the 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which directly sends all the power generated to the front wheel. The powertrain is connected to a six speed dual clutch automatic gearbox along with the paddleshifters it is connected to.

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Being the performance variant of the car from the house of Renault, the Clio RS engine produces about 197 horsepower in the Clio 200 version while the more potent 220 Trophy edition goes much higher up to 217 horsepower. For the average person, the speed is definitely more than what they could ask for unless you are going to take part in a race or set new records on world’s most popular race tracks.

Renault Clio RS Black Edition

Clio is a very successful car for Renault which has been in the industry for quite some time now. It was originally introduced in 2012 and the Renault Sport Edition, a potent variant of the Clio was launched in 2013. The launches were segregated to the UK market which Renault choose to launch more variants in US among other regions based on their customer base. It is great to see them bring the Black Edition tweaks to the Clio RS in the UK. The Megane RS is all set to launch at the upcoming Frankfurt show.

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