Battlefield 1 May Feature Capture The Pigeon Mode

Battlefield 1

Most players will be familiar with the capture the flag mode found in many first person multiplayer shooters.

However, Battlefield 1 is going to stick true to its World War I setting and introduce pigeons instead of flags.

It is a known fact that pigeons were used by soldiers during the period to communicate with one another. The birds allowed them to transfer messages to their base without being intercepted by their enemies. It was found to be a good alternative to radio messages which can be hacked into during those times. But, no one expected DICE and Electronic Arts to actually add it as a game mode in Battlefield 1.

After all, the game is supposed to be all about action and introducing Capture the Pigeon mode could be downright funny. Before you decide to backlash, it looks like it is more of a rumor at the moment and even if confirmed it will retain the authenticity of every other mode. Players won’t be forced to run around a pigeon to capture it. The concept is to hold the pigeon for a specific amount of time after which it will return to base and the team earns a point.

Battlefield 1 Pigeon Mode

The fight and action associated with Battlefield 1 will be there as always. In the particular mode, you will be holding to be a pigeon as you do always with a flag. There is hardly any difference because it is just an icon on the heads up display and changes to an enemy team when they manage to kill you.

There is no comment for any of the rumors leaked so far. EA and DICE for obvious reasons is keeping mum on the topic. Battlefield 1 alpha recently came to an end after which almost everything one needs to know about the game got leaked. The information was posted on Reddit with proper screenshots. It assured that they are not random rumors but rather confirmed information from the alpha session.

Horses are a major part in the game. It also includes all popular gadgets and some nostalgic ones including a medkit. Over 30 different weapons are confirmed to be part of Battlefield 1 and all of them will be fully customizable as it has been with previous Battlefield titles. The title is scheduled for launch this October. We are really excited for the launch especially after the leak which also confirmed that there is a single player campaign set during the World War era.

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