Battlefield 1 Open Beta Trailer Seems More Promising Than Ever

Battlefield 1

When Electronic Arts and DICE announced Battlefield 1 set in the World War I era, it was a risky step to take.

But, the new trailer launched right before the big open beta confirmed that the game is going to be really exciting as expected.

Instead of trying to go all authentic which might have changed Battlefield 1 into a World War I simulator, the developers had brilliantly balanced the gameplay so that the action stays intact. After all, intense combat, huge maps and plenty of vehicles is what players expect from the series. The new launch has everything you could expect and more to keep you glued to the maps for hours. DICE has officially confirmed that open beta for the game goes live on August 31st.

Battlefield 1 open beta will go live on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 console on the same day. Players who have signed up for the insiders program will have early access while everyone else should wait for August 31 to gain open access to the game. If you haven’t signed up already, head to the official page to sign up for the Battlefield insiders program and gain access to the game a couple of days earlier.

Battlefield 1 Open Beta Trailer Seems More Promising Than Ever

The signup is open until August 21st giving enough time for people to register their names. All you need is an EA Origin id. Login, signup and the website will ask your preferred platform. Pick PS4, Xbox One or PC as you like. If you have a console and a PC setup at home, there is no option to play on them both unless you have two different origin ids. Battlefield 1 on PC is a completely different experience because of the mouse and keyboard combination whereas playing it with a controller is best if you are used to your PS4 or Xbox One controller.

A code will be sent to insiders who sign up. The open beta puts players in the Sinai desert an open map filled with enough sniper spots and ground area to cover with your favorite vehicle. An armored train is also in the map which if you manage to control will give you the winning edge against your opponents. Dogfights in the sky will be intense. Conquest and Rush are the modes offered in the map, which supports 64 players and 24 players respectively.

The beta might go for a week. Check out the new Battlefield 1 trailer below.

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