Dota 2 Gets New Hero Monkey King, Phantom Lancer’s Rival It Seems

Phantom Lancer

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of Dota 2! The Internationals 2016 tournament conducted by Valve was one of the best and Wings won the big cup along with the $9 million cash prize.

The developers of Dota 2 ensured that excitement never died down. They announced the new hero Underlord who has some amazing powers including a reliable stun and the ability to port an entire team to a tower or base. He is the last hero to get launched from the original Defense of the Ancients inspired by the Warcraft world. Now, it’s time to introduce new heroes so as to fill up the empty slots in the roster.

Valve has confirmed that Underlord will be released by the end of this month along with some UI changes to the match result screen. While the wait is less for the new hero who is kind of familiar to long time Dota 2 fans, the new hero name Monkey King is going to make you go crazy over him. The trailer ensures he gets utmost attention with some unique powers that could change the tide of the game.

Dota 2 Gets New Hero Monkey King

Monkey King holds the monkey king bar as his primary weapon, obviously and we expect he will have some passive mini stuns as the MKB does. It should make him extremely powerful in battlefields especially when there are too many strength heroes or those who escape a lot. He continues to jump into trees which showcase the hero should be able to camouflage in the trees to surprise attack an opponent.

In the video, he makes life miserable for beastmaster who tries to kill him but monkey king continues to leap into the trees escaping his attacks. Finally, in the end he unleashes a horde of monkeys against beastmaster. It is his ulti, which we have assumed from the video and with so many illusions he should be quite a tough guy to beat. Phantom Lancer has now go this worthy opponent and we can’t wait to see them both fight matches against one another.

While Chaos Knight does have illusions, it is quite different and not as many numbers as Phantom Lancer produces. Monkey King may have the illusions as passive as PL or probably it could be an active ultimate for a fixed amount of time. Such things can be confirmed when Valve releases the hero this fall.

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