Battlefield 1 Runs Smoother on Xbox One, has Higher Resolution on PS4

Battlefield 1

The comparison wars have started as Digital Foundry recently released a neatly packed comparison video showcasing Battlefield 1 performance on PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

As with most modern day titles, the game utilizes dynamic buffer to keep varying the resolution based on the action that takes place in the screen. Developers came up with this solution to make sure their titles run at higher resolutions whenever possible whereas to avoid frame rate dips, the games will automatically reduce its resolution instantly. Battlefield 1 utilizes the same technique and according to the Digital Foundry video, the title mostly runs at a resolution of 1000p pixels. Occasionally, it slips to 900p in both single player and multiplayer campaigns so as to maintain a steady frame rate.

Battlefield 1

Xbox One’s capability is much lower that forces the game to run at just 720p most of the time while it occasionally jumps to 900p. The dip in resolution is evident in the game as textures look bad and overall graphics quality look just average on the Microsoft console. However, the compromise DICE has made on Xbox One in terms of resolution has allowed the developer to offer a much better frame rate. The game manages to deliver close to 60 frames per second and during intense battle, it goes down to 40-45 fps.

On the PS4 version of Battlefield 1, FPS drop is very high. The game can hardly maintain the 60 FPS mark and in many scenarios it goes all the way down to 30fps or even lower. The title however is still playable due to the dynamic buffer technology. The single player campaign looks better on Playstation 4 but once again, you should be willing to compromise on frame rate in order to experience good graphical quality.

As it runs on 1000p, the visual quality on PS4 console is much better and is very close to 1080p gaming experience. For players who are looking forward to enjoy hours of multiplayer matches in Battlefield 1, Xbox One edition is a much better choice. It is smooth, has higher frame rates and the compromised graphical quality is a price you should pay to enjoy fast paced multiplayer matches.

Battlefield 1 Higher Resolution on PS4

Obviously, the best experience for Battlefield 1 is offered on a high end PC and even an entry level graphic card of today could easily allow you to enjoy the game in full 1080p with 60 FPS. The game has the best single player campaign in a long time, according to critics.

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