Titanfall 2 PC Origin Issues Being Addressed, New Server Update is Out

Titanfall 2

In the past months, there has seldom been an AAA title launch on PC without any performance issues.

While console like the PS4 and Xbox One has its fair share of problems, PC titles witness the most trouble and the newly launched Titanfall 2 is no different.

Titanfall 2

The game developed by Respawn Entertainment skipped running an open beta for PC gamers. It was such a disappointing moment because first person shooters are primarily designed for computers and not consoles. Playing FPS titles with controllers are for fun but they can hardly be called as the best way to experience the gamers. Developers continue to focus largely on PS4, Xbox One consoles due to pressure from publishers. A similar situation has now occurred with the newly launched Titanfall 2.

PC Gamers after purchasing the game realized that Origin couldn’t connect the game to multiplayer servers. Most players reported that they were able to play the single player campaign in offline mode. However, the multiplayer version of Titanfall 2 which is the highlight of the shooter didn’t work as intended. The issue reached Respawn’s attention much earlier, thanks to internet and social media.

The developers acknowledged there is indeed a problem that prevented Origin game client from communicating with the game servers. Unlike Battlefield 4, Titanfall 2 makes use of automatic server detection and doesn’t use a manual server search interface. Players have to solely rely on Origin to connect them to the game and then to find live servers close to their location.

Titanfall 2 PC Origin Issues

An update is expected to be rolled out in a day or so from Respawn. The developers have already launched a new server update for consoles making some changes to the gameplay as well tweaking some of the mechanism, including the XP pilots or titans gain during a match. We can expect similar updates to be rolled out multiple times so as to balance gameplay and make Titanfall 2 a successful multiplayer shooter than the first iteration. The game has been designed to attract both newbies and veteran FPS players. It also includes a single player campaign that received rave reviews.

Titanfall 2 has got launched at the same time as Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Sales predictions are low for the game due to stiff competition but a clear winner can be confirmed only by the end of the year.

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