Battlefield 1 Single Player Campaign Focuses on Four Heroes

Battlefield 1

The brand new trailer that arrived recently assured everyone that Battlefield 1 will probably deliver the best single player campaign experience in a long time.

The game is known for its multiplayer scenario with amazing, large scale combat. Most new titles focused on delivering the best online experience but single player mode has been a lacklustre area to check out. Things are about to change with Battlefield 1 which has some jaw dropping visuals, combat and story mode, set to deliver the best World War I experience on every front.

Battlefield 1

While you can check out the amazing trailer below to know more about the storyline and the lead characters, it has been confirmed through an ESRB rating that there will be four different characters you control in the game. One of them is a black guy which was showcased in the gameplay video released earlier. Another one is a tank driver who is a newbie in the battlefield and is totally lambasted by the chaotic situation in the war.

According to the leaked information available through ESRB rating, the characters include a fighter pilot, a messenger runner, rebel fighter and an armor crewman. Based on the details, it doesn’t look like there might be more surprise additions when Battlefield 1 get launched. And, the sheer variety of heroes offered will ensure that players have an amazing time in WWI experiencing new scenarios from time to time.

ESRB has rated the game with a Mature tag. Players will use a lot of different weapons to kill then opponents including, guns, rifles, grenades and there will be plenty of gore especially in the single player campaign.

Battlefield 1 Single Player Focuses on 4 Heroes

Justifying their rating, the board system in their statement said that the battle is always on within Battlefield 1 with cries of pain, gun shots and bomb blasts. There are situations where soldiers scream in terror when engulfed in flames and blood splashes are found throughout the game, especially when they are stabbed using a knife. The F word also appears in one of the sequences which warranted a Mature rating.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to get launched on October 21st on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. People who have EA Access will get earlier access to the game. The title’s installation size is much higher than any previous Battlefield games and it might also be the first one set during World War I in the new generation of multiplayer titles.


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