Battlefield 1 to Undergo Maintenance on PS4, Xbox One, PC Before Giant’s Shadow Rollout

Battlefield 1 Maintenance

Electronic Arts and DICE confirmed in their official forum that Battlefield 1 will undergo maintenance update.

The maintenance will be initiated on PS4, Xbox One and PC in all regions before the Giant’s Shadow DLC is rolled out.

Battlefield 1

The publishers are known for pushing out multiple paid DLCs and season passes that cost $60 which is over the asking price for the base game. However, things changed in the recent past when Electronic Arts announced and released multiple free DLC maps for Battlefield 4. The game which got released in 2013 had a rocky start with full of bugs which was later fixed with a slew of updates. A similar approach is to be followed with Battlefield 1.

The DICE developed game has a season pass which will add at least 16 different maps. The company released an official note couple of hours ago to announce the Giant Shadow map. Based on the official website’s description, players will be able to take part in the Battle of Selle that took place in 1918. The word shadow is inspired by the battle where a large airship crashed close to the battlefield and casts a giant shadow over the entire map.

Based on the description, we can also deduce that the Giant Shadow DLC map will be the place for intense tank and artillery based fights. Being an open map with enough space for both the infantry and the tanks, it will be a match against power and how each team tactically uses the environment to their advantage. Another interesting addition is the fact that the map will feature the armored train.

Inspired by the Sinai Desert, the armored train in the new map will allow players to take control of important conquest points. It’s based on how well they make use of their time in the train and the immense firepower it has to offer. Battlefield 1 season pass is priced at $50 but we expect more new map announcements and free maps to be rolled out similar to this one.

Battlefield 1 Maintenance

The first DLC named They Shall Not Pass is scheduled to get launched in March 2017. Meanwhile, you may have to take a short break for about one hour for the Battlefield 1 maintenance to take place on all platforms. PC version maintenance starts at 3:00 PT, Playstation 4 at 3:30 AM and Xbox One at 4:00 AM PT. When the game resumes, it will ask you to download the latest update which will include the new DLC map.

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