Battlefield 1 War Pigeons Mode is the New Capture the Flag

Battlefield 1 War Pigeons Mode

Battlefield 1 developers DICE in association with Electronic Arts revealed the list of maps, modes that will be available for the game on launch.

Apart from the list of ten maps and the usual modes, it was War Pigeons that grabbed our attention. At first, most people assumed it is going to let players control a pigeon in the battlefield and take down enemies. DICE is not going to do something so silly we hope. Insiders have confirmed that this will be the new Capture the Flag mode where the pigeons will act as flags.

Battlefield 1 War Pigeons Mode

During World War I, pigeons were one of the most trusted modes of communication. Important coordinates, maps and other information was shared through carrier pigeons. Even dogs had such a role to play during the war. They were trained to deliver messages to these animals. They can even be used to specify a location to initiate an artillery strike.

War Pigeons is going to be an exciting mode to take part in and we assume the pigeons won’t be flying. Instead, you have to find and capture them on the ground before the message is delivered. Battlefield 1 also has a new Rush mode added after the open beta and it involves defending telegraph posts.

The enemies telegraph posts should be destroyed using explosives and it’s your job to force them to retreat to their secondary objective. The most authentic World War I experience is being offered in a mode named ‘Operations’. They take place in multiple maps and follows real life war scenarios based on history books.

EA and DICE strongly believes that the true authenticity of Battlefield 1 lies in Operations mode. All types of vehicles, tanks and planes will be used in these maps. They will vary from time to time based on the war that you are participating in and the side you are in. For those who love close quarter infantry combat, the game has team deathmatch and domination modes.

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The maps included in the base game are Ballroom Blitz, Argonne Forest, FAO Fortress, Sinai Desert, Suez, Monte Grappa, Empire’s Edge, Amiens and Giant’s Shadow. The last one in the list will be available only in the month of December but it’s a free update and you can directly download it as soon as it is available. The first DLC for Battlefield 1 is also expected to be free according to an earlier statement from EA.

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