Xbox One S Gets New Minecraft Special Edition Bundle

Xbox One S

Microsoft has launched a new Xbox One S Minecraft bundle. The package as expected includes a copy of the game with some additional content.

Before you get too excited, there is an important thing to know. The new Xbox One S Minecraft special edition bundle has a lot of special additions but the color of the console remains the same. When they made the announcement, obviously a lot of people expected it to be in green with exclusive controller and a renovated design for the slim console.

Xbox One S Minecraft

The manufacturer didn’t focus on the actual console hardware. Instead, they provided about 230 character skins to explore the game world like never before. The Xbox One S will feature a decent 500 GB of storage space and HDR improvements with support for upscaled 4K resolution. Any new buyer should obviously go for the slim console as it occupies very little space and has a sleek design.

The news was announced officially on the Xbox Wire blog. The console priced at $300 is now available in the United States and Canada. A possible release date for the European region is set on October 11th. The console will be available in stores in Australia and New Zealand by November 1st. There is no word on when Microsoft plans to bring the edition to Asia and Latin American region. They do have a strong buyer base in these regions but it may be postponed for release towards the end of the year.

It’s all about Minecraft in the new Xbox One S bundle. The game version included in the console has 230 character skins, seven mash-up packs with individual download codes, 14-day trial pack for Xbox Gold subscription and a beta code using which you can unlock Minecraft Windows 10 edition on your PC. The beta is limited and it gives a sample of how the game is before you choose to buy the full version.

Xbox One S

Microsoft is on a launch spree as they have already launched three different Xbox One S bundles dedicated to Battlefield 1. However, unlike the Minecraft package, they have exclusive color tones with custom controllers and offer the full experience. Military green and storm grey are the two options available at the moment.

Minecraft’s original development studio, Mojang is now owned by Microsoft and it allows them to introduce augmented reality among other experimental editions for this hugely popular title.

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