Best Buy’s Xbox One X Deal Includes a 4K Enhanced Free Game of Your Choice

Best Buy’s Xbox One X

Best Buy has thrown a couple of deals for buyers in the United States and if you are planning to buy the true 4K powered gaming console, the Xbox One X this should be the time to do so.

Microsoft and other retailers are throwing their own fair share of deals this season within a month since the new console got launched.

The first deal from Best Buy is that when you buy the new Xbox One X console which costs a whopping $500, the highest since the days of Playstation 3 console that cost $600 on launch, you get a free controller. Obviously, every time you buy a new console it is mandatory to buy an additional controller so as to enjoy gaming with a family member or a friend.

Best Buy’s Xbox One X Deal Includes a 4K Enhanced Free Game

All Xbox One controllers cost about $60 while the special edition models like the newly launched Sea of Thieves cost higher at $70 or more. When you go for this deal, you can get a white or black controller for free. The deal also includes three months free subscription to Xbox Live Gold which will cost $25 when you purchase it separately.

By going for the Best Buy Xbox One X deal, you could save a solid $85 when you choose to spend $500 to own the latest console which is capable of running games at true 4K. But, for hardcore gamers who would never settle for less, there is another deal ongoing which will allow you to pick a $60 game of your choice for free.

Best Buy’s Xbox One X Deal Includes a 4K Enhanced Free Game of Your Choice

The best part is, the title being offered for free with the console will be an Xbox One X enhanced game. Its true potential can be experienced only when you own a 4K television that also supports HDR for true color reproduction. The games list includes NBA 2K18, Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Star Wars Battlefront II, Call of Duty World War II, Madden NFL 18, Destiny 2 and Middle Earth Shadow of War.

Each one of these titles are unique in terms of gameplay and the world they offer. However, sports titles aren’t the best way to experience how powerful your newly purchased Xbox One X console could be. A solid pick could be the Forza game which is an exclusive title while Shadow of War, Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed Origins are also equally good as they would offer solid hours of gameplay set in a huge world.

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