Whatsapp 2.18.20 for iOS Rolled Out with New Search and Big Emojis

Whatsapp 2.18.20 for iOS Rolled Out with New Search and Big Emojis

The team has released a new, updated version of Whatsapp on Apple’s app store.

The iOS version of the app has been notified with the version number 2.18.20 and brings a couple of interesting changes to the app.

For the hardcore users who were expecting some groundbreaking announcements for Whatsapp on iOS platform, this update may be slightly disappointing as it doesn’t deliver anything new to look forward to. Instead, the focus is primarily on improving what is already on the app making this more intuitive and ready to access than they were in the past.

According to WAbetainfo, the new update has been rolled out to both iOS and Android platforms. Some of the new and improved features that you could expect in the newest app include better search feature, private replies to messages sent in a conversation, big quoted emojis and mentions button. The search feature is the most talked about them all and it looks like it has been drastically improved to make it easier to find what you need on the iOS platform.

Whatsapp 2.18.20 for iOS Rolled Out with New Search

Better Search Functionality

A new search option has been introduced in the Group Infousing which you can easily find the participants without any difficulty. Before it used to be a very difficult process especially in groups filled with too many users to go through. Besides, they have also made it easier to find the administrators of the group.

Instead of pushing all names in alphabetical order, the administrators of a particular group will be listed on top. In case of any query or complaint, you will be able to immediately contact them through a private message. The layout of the search interface is considered good and very intuitive by few while others believe it doesn’t look so good. The developers may go for a revamp of the design if many opine it doesn’t live up to expectations.

Whatsapp 2.18.20 for iOS Rolled Out with NewEmojis

Bigger Emojis Within Quoted Messages

Whenever you quote a message especially when it has only emojis inside it, the size of the emoji inside the quoted message will be drastically lowered so as to provide space for the new message. Instead of that, the update for Whatsapp 2.18.29 for iOS brings bigger quoted emojis so that both faces look pretty much the same. Private messages are now supported to contact a person within a group and reply them. When you tap reply, it will automatically open a new window to speak to that one person and not share messages to all in a group.

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