The Best Fitness Companion? Apple Watch 2 Becomes Waterproof and Offers GPS


Along with the announcement for the Apple iPhone 7, the American giant also unveiled the new generation of Apple Watch.

Apple seems to have understood that there is no real market for an attractive looking digital watch, which can pair with a smartphone to display features that are already on it. There seems to be a directional shift in the Apple Watch as it is now more oriented towards the adventurous and sportsperson. The Apple Watch 2 tries to offer a fitness value in addition to timekeeping. As a result, Apple Watch 2 tries to integrate everything that an adventurous sports person would want – waterproofed and sturdy.


Just like the Apple iPhone 7, the Apple Watch 2 becomes one of the first devices from Apple to offer water resistance officially. Unlike any other smart watch, the Apple Watch 2 can be submerged up to 50 meters in depth. It comes with GPS tracking inbuilt and this is used to gauge various fitness related information. The watch can be used to measure speed and distance covered while running or biking. The much faster dual core processor at the heart of the device makes it easier and almost on par with the other Apple devices in terms of speed.

The display is much better than before which makes it no longer a pain to read in direct sunlight. The sports version of the Apple Watch 2 is called a series 2 while the series 1 is merely the original Apple Watch but with the latest generation processors to make it faster. In terms of design, it still has the same iconic look whereas the series 2 watches try to look sporty and trendy at the same time. Apple continued to omit any talk of battery life on the device, but it is expected to be more or less similar with the Apple Watch.


The original Apple Watch suffered immensely in terms of battery life. However, it is thought that one can expect around 18 hours of real-time usage with the Apple Watch 2. This is still less than ideal, but should be just about sufficient. Available in two sizes – 38 mm and 42 mm, the Apple Watch 2 is priced at $369 for the model with aluminum and stainless steel. Another version with several Nike features – in partnership with Nike – is set to arrive later this year at a similar price.

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