The Sims 4 Gets A Completely Uncensored WickedWoohoo User Mod


Electronic Arts and Maxis are not going to be happy with this new WickedWoohoo user mod created by Turbodriver.

While the publisher is busy selling shoes, furniture and simple items at exorbitant rates while keeping the Sims 4 extremely boring, a random user has done something unbelievable using the world. He has been hired by an employer to work on this mod and was paid $1,000 every month to complete it successful. Most of all, the new WickedWoohoois completely free to download if you have the base game ready.


Things are getting out of control in the new expansion pack, we should say. The Sims 4 is now one hell of an adult group similar to Playboy mansion. Everyone is busy stripping, copulating and they are no longer restricted to just one person. There are intense orgies and a dedicated option that prevents a sim from saying no whenever a person approaches him or her for sex.

Players have complete control over the characters and the scenario. They can choose to dress their character as they like, revealing a lot and enticing people to come over. When they start doing it, you can specify where the couple should end up. It could be in the bed, chair, table or even in the lawn. Everything is open and might make yourself look like a pervert but who cares!

Whenever the characters get naked in The Sims 4 game, Maxis has designed it in such a way that their body parts are blurred. The new WickedWoohoo mod ensures that nothing is hidden even when they take a bath. Besides, the number of sexual acts these characters could indulge in is just too much to handle on a mainstream game. Nevertheless, it is fun for those who love the franchise and to experience it in such a title that offers skill points as you progress.


It’s not just about showing off but the WickedWoohoo mod developer has created a campaign out of it. The more the players indulge in such acts, the more confidence they gain. The exhibitionism skills boost their confidence allowing them to be in a group without feeling awkward. There are new places to explore, completely new positions to try and you can even transport one sim to the location where everyone has gathered for group fun.

With so many out of the box content, EA and Maxis might try to block this mod but we are sure that the modders would find ways to keep it running. Check out the uncensored photos and download the files from the modders official website.

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