Be The Best Support With Ana The Healer In Overwatch


After the official launch, Ana has received much attention from the developers.

She is definitely a popular support character and is very good at healing teammates on the go.

While it is easy to learn the basics, there are many aspects to Ana. If you know how to use her properly, winning rounds in Overwatch shouldn’t be such a problem. Players have already spent tons of time playing with the support character. The competitive mode is getting equally popular because of its unforgiving nature and the new set of rules Blizzard developers have been imposing to make it more challenging.

Here’s how you could actually play Ana and get the best scores besides being the most supportive hero in the team leading to their overall victory.

The difference between widowmaker and Ana are plenty. One important change is that the shot fired using her rifle causes damage for a long time. It’s not an instant hit as the one done by the widow maker. Instead, the damage can help get kills especially when the enemy is low on health and is trying to flee the scene.

Overwatch Ana

Another big change is that the shots fired by the character doesn’t need to be a head shot to score a kill. Wherever the bullet creates a damage, it will automatically start damaging the enemy, no matter what. Snipers are usually the most complicated characters to handle in any multiplayer game but Overwatch had completely changed the rules by introducing Ana.

When you play using the hero, it is important to know that Ana is a support character and her sniper doesn’t make huge damages. Trying to kill an enemy with full health is never going to work but she is not a real sniper. The best way to play the hero is to use her damage and healing to your advantage. Keep doing both of them regularly in balanced mode and you will be supportive throughout the match.

There are two different modesavailable between which Ana can switch back and forth. She can either fire a shot by zooming the sniper rifle or make an open shot which may hit an enemy randomly. The type of shot use by the character in Overwatch doesn’t determine the amount of damage it does.

While almost all heroes are great with their ultimate abilities, Ana is simply superb with her final sleep dart which can make or break team combats when used at the right moment.

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