Audi Q8 Test Mule Spotted With Minimal Camouflage In Spy Photos

Audi Q8 Spy Shot front

Audi confirmed a year ago that the auto brand is interested in constructing the spacious luxury SUV, the Q8.

They have kept their word and finished designing the model.

It was easy to confirm that Audi is going to launch the Q8 because of the spy photos that emerged recently. The large sized SUV is coming and a prototype was spotted testing on the roads. While the company usually uses a lot of camouflage on all their upcoming models, the Q8 was sparsely camouflaged much to our surprise. A part of the design can readily be spotted.

Audi has picked many design cues, styling and components from the existing Q7 body. They have been tweaked to match the large chassis and the body used to construct the Q8. Most auto brands are trying hard to make sure their SUVs doesn’t look huge or have a solid boxy look. They make the necessary changes to acquire that coveted sporty look. The same trend is being followed by Q8 which is probably less in size when compared to the Q7 model.

Audi Q8 Spy Shot

While the camouflage is very minimal in the test mule, we still couldn’t make out much of the car’s exterior design and the look Audi is trying to achieve here. The front end of the car has some resemblance to the Audi A8. The Q8 model will share technical specifications and components with the Q7 model. It is also made to offer buyers a lot of customization options. The powertrains to be made available include petrol, diesel and hybrid options so that there is one for everyone.

Both V6 and V8 powertrain options will be provided so that one could go for the higher end model if they expect a power packed performance their luxury SUV. The type of engines used in the car is similar to the version used in the Porsche models. The plug-in hybrid version may render very little mile range but it gives them an option to showoff that the SUV does support emission free driving.

A report suggests that the hybrid can deliver up to 35 miles on a single charge before it switches back to the petrol or the diesel engine. It is expected that the new luxury SUV, the Audi Q8 will be announced by the end of 2017. It may reach dealership stores by the mid of 2018 if inside sources are to be believed.

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