Bethesda Opens Up on Skyrim Remaster, Claims Its As Next Gen as Possible


Talking about the upcoming Skyrim Remastered version, developers of the game Bethesda were really glad of what they could achieve with the limited resources.

It is known that the original Skyrim was developed for the previous generation consoles and PCs. The next gen graphics have significantly improved in recent years. Talking about the work they have done, the team commented that the remastered edition of Skyrim is as next gen as the game could get. The statement was made by Pete Hines from Bethesda who added that players can definitely expect a wide range of updates. Besides, the game is also being rolled out for free to all PC gamers who already own the complete pack.

“With so many things to talk about, it is not possible to cover them all at once. However, I can say that we are trying to significantly improve the performance and looks of the game. Skyrim remastered edition will be as next gen as the title could get. The idea is to make it suitable for next generation consoles and make it a worthy comeback for those who enjoyed the game when it got released,” said Hines.

Skyrim Remastered version

The Skyrim Remastered Edition was officially announced at the E3 2016 event and it is slated for launch in the month of October this year. A drastic set of visual improvements have been made to the title including atmospheric fog, god rays, snow shaders and textures. Everything looks amazingly good in the trailer and we might be able to know more only when the title actually gets launched.

The special edition version of the game on PS4 and Xbox One game also supports mods for the first time. Bethesda is slowly supporting mods on all consoles. They have already rolled out the feature on Fallout 4 and now for Skyrim. There are some issues shifting those files from PC to the console due to file size and the textures used. In due time, it will be sorted out allowing console gamers to experience the best of mods.

Skyrim Special Edition can be availed by PC gamers even if they choose to buy the legendary edition which is currently available for a discounted pricing on Steam Summer Sale 2016. The remastered version can be availed for free when it gets launched this October. There’s also a Call of Duty Modern Warfare remastered launching this holiday season along with Infinite Warfare.

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