Apple iPhone 7 Prices Leaked from China

Apple iPhone 7

The next version of the Apple iPhone is due in September and there have already been several rumors about the expected features in this device.

One of the strongest rumors so far is the availability of a new 256 GB version while the base 16 GB version will be completely eliminated from the lineup. This increases the possibility of a price increase yet again. Many feel that the Apple iPhone is already overpriced and that customers are being forced to go buy variants with higher memory due to the absence of a microSD card slot.

Memory expansion through cards is one of the common features found on android smartphones, but it has never been an option on the iPhone since its introduction in 2007. Over the years, the Apple device has adopted numerous technologies from the android counterparts in the hope of remaining competitive, but it seems that users will have to wait for memory expansion for quite a bit. Thankfully, the expected storage increase on the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 will not be at a cost to the buyer.

iPhone 7

Prices of the Apple iPhone 7 are expected to remain similar to the current generation. After having recently faced the first slowdown of sales since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, Apple is keen on keeping the sales charts sticking. According to the rumors released so far, the Apple iPhone 7 may not be an exciting update by any stretch of imagination. Instead, it is expected to be an incremental update with the likes of processor and graphics getting an improvement. Prices revealed by a Chinese tipster revealed that the cheapest version of the iPhone 7 with 32 GB of storage will cost $800.

The 256 GB variant of the same will be priced at just over $1000. In addition to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, a new variant called the iPhone 7 Pro is set to be launched. This model may come with the Apple Pencil, which has been one of the finest demonstrations of a stylus in recent years. The iPhone 7 Pro range will start from $1075 for the base variant and going up to $1349 for the top end version. The iPhone 7 Plus range will be between $925 and $1197. These prices would make the iPhone 7 Pro significantly higher than the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which will launch in the next few weeks.

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