Beware: Your Netflix Password Can be Sold for Just $0.25


Netflix has been all over the highlights in the recent weeks, especially with its growing issues with VPNs. More is even here about this streaming service as it looks to expand its services internationally, covering up to 190 countries.

According to a report from Security firm Symantec, Netflix users are in huge trouble. In the recent past, the firm reveals that there has been a growing demand as far as stolen Netflix passwords are concerned. This is unusual, but the firm continues to report that hackers have delved into stealing thousands of the streaming service’s login credentials and they do so on a daily basis via multiple and organized phishing campaigns.

What they do is simply redirect users of Netflix to a fake website and in so doing; they end up tricking the innocent user to provide their login credentials. As a result, all of your account details will be available to them and they can do whatever they wish with the details. But according to Symantec, the hackers are after these details with an aim of reselling them on black market settings for just $0.25 per password.

No exact figures from Symantec

Despite giving out such crucial information regarding the leading provider of movies and TV shows streaming, the security firm did not mention anything with respect to the number of possible Netflix accounts to have fallen victim of this scam. However, the security firm has details of an ad that shows a popular black market vendor has over 300,000 Netflix passwords available for sale.

Since these vendors are aware of their illegal dealings, once one buys a password from them, they offer some advice on top of it. They require that you don’t change any account information. In case of any changes, the user with stolen credentials will be alerted of unauthorized activity. In addition, the black market vendors also warn that they will no longer sell more accounts to any buyer who fails to abide by the provided terms or advice.

For those of you who might be getting worried that their passwords might have been infiltrated, there is a way out. You can check your recently watched list to find out any unexpected or unusual activities. As a preventive measure, it is also recommended that you change your Netflix account login credentials.

There are more than 75 million people at risk of these hackers all over the world. With the company planning on further expansions, this could be a huge setback in these plans. Hacking has grown to become a very common thing in the tech world today and Netflix will have to devise better means by which to tackle this problem.

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