Big Discounts on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita Games This Week

Big Discounts on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita

Buying the right console is just the beginning but you should always make good use of the big discounts that come by.

Sony has discounted some of the best titles on PS3, PS4 and the PS Vita consoles.

With such low pricing, it is usually easy for almost any gamer to buy as many games as they like and keep themselves engaged for weeks to come. The new sale has been named as the ‘superhero sale’. It is all about comical characters and heroes in the fictional world. With so many titles available in this category, it is difficult to not get excited by this.

The lineup of games for the Playstation 4 console is interesting. The newly launched Batman Arkham Knight can be purchased for a discounted price of $17.99 while if you happen to be a PS Plus member, the pricing goes real down to just $14.99. Deadpool game is available for $35 while the amazing Gravity Rush is at $20.99.

Gravity Rush is a much better game on the PS Vita than the PS4 console because it is a platformer and feels great on the handheld console. Other titles available in the sale are Infamous Second Son, Mortal Kombat X and NHL 16. The last one in the list, NHL 16 is the cheapest at just $9.99.

Batman Arkham City Ultimate EditionPS3 gamers have similar choices including Batman Arkham City Ultimate Edition at $7.99, Devil May Cry DMC at $9.99, Infamous Collection, Injustice Gods Among Us, Saints Row IV and Playstation All Star Battle Royale.

Almost every game on the PS3 console is cheap and falls somewhere around $10 making it an easy buy for people who are still interested in trying these titles on an older generation console. PS Vita, the long lost handheld console is still there and it has so many games lined up in this exciting super sale.

Once again, all the titles available on the Ps3 and the PS4 console is discounted on the PS Vita as well. It includes Injustice Gods Among Us, Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate, Gravity Rush and a bunch of Lego games. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is priced at $5.99, Avengers at $13.99 and Batman 3 Beyond Gotham at $7.99.

The deals will be available for a whole week until July 26th. Playstation Plus subscribers can purchase all these titles and more for lower prices than the one quoted above. Grow your superhero collection!

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