Blizzard Released Ana for Overwatch PC Edition, PS4, Xbox One Is Still Pending

Overwatch Ana

A new patch has been rolled out by Blizzard for Overwatch on PC.

With the update, players on the platform will now be able to play with Ana, a sniper healer.

The relatively new hero is already popular among the gaming community. Almost every reviewer on Youtubeis hosting live matches where they showcase how powerful Ana is and the ways the healer can be used to change the tide of a match. The update is now live on PC. If you play the game on a Windows 10 machine, you will be able to pick Ana right now and enter a match.

In a casual match, there could be more than one Ana in every time. However, in competitive mode, Blizzard has limited the heroes. You can pick one hero only once while the rest of the team and the opposite team has to pick someone else. With just 21 heroes at the moment, this is a relatively decision to make. Many players are fond of the same hero they use every day. Once more heroes are released in the following months, this persistent problem may come to an end.

Blizzard Released Ana for Overwatch

While the new hero Ana has found her way to PC platform, there is no word on when it will get released on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One console. In their patch note, Blizzard developers said, “Almost all the changes mentioned in the patch note will be implemented on the PS4 and the Xbox One console. Some changes might be specific to one of the platform. However, we don’t have an actual launch date at the moment. Once Microsoft and Sony approves the same, it will be delivered to gamers. The upcoming patch should make it more interesting and playable.”

The entire group of Overwatch players on PS4 and Xbox One consoles are really irked by the situation. They are always left in the dark with no word on when an update or patch will be rolled out. There are no specific dates and it always takes more than two to three weeks for them to be introduced.

Some changes made to the McCree and Widowmaker, it was never launched on the consoles until competitive mode made its way to PCs. Now, Ana is an exciting hero which everyone likes to try but they may have to wait so many days until the update is available for the consoles.

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