Bigger Version of Volkswagen Polo With New Features Set for 2017 Reveal

Volkswagen Polo 2017

The supermini car from Volkswagen is getting a major overhaul.

It is not going to become drastically bigger out of the blue but will offer better legroom. The latest picture of the new 2017 Polo confirmed it.

When it comes to making supermini cars, it is obvious that the automobile manufacturer cannot focus on increasing the headroom or offering more boot space. Instead, they could try to tweak the infotainment system, offer spacious and comfortable seats and revamp the interior for a luxury ride. This is exactly what Volkswagen plans to do with its 2017 Polo so that the company could compete with its immediate rivals.

If we are to believe rumors floating around, the 2017 Volkswagen Polo is scheduled to get launched in the middle of 2017. When it launches in dealership stores, the car is going to face stiff competition against the revised Ford Fiesta. Fiesta will probably have months of head start against the Volkswagen offering but in the end, it is what the buyers like. If the features and comfort level besides performance is higher in the Polo, people will go with it and not the Fiesta.

Volkswagen Polo

Ford is building its ecosystem to reach the higher end of the customer base and expand its Fiesta into the KA+ models. In other words, they are keen to add all their lineup with the elite crowd whereas Volkswagen is aiming to keep Polo the budget friendly compact car that delivers on every front without fail. The chassis will be larger this time and components for each aspect of the car has already been shortlisted. Some of them are borrowed from the Golf SV and the Audi TT while the A0 MQB platform will be used to construct the 2017 Volkswagen Polo.

Buyers can expect a bigger wheelbase and increased cabin space. The base model of the car is expected to be powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine. The performance delivered by the powertrain is more than enough and it also plays an integral role in keeping the sticker price of the model affordable. The engine can produce around 75 horsepower but in the tweaked version, the 2017 Volkswagen Polo can go up to 100 horsepower making it a reliable car for every customer.

All latest features including an infotainment touchscreen system, surround sound and support for smartphone connectivity is part of the new Polo. Some features might be reserved for the higher end variants.

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