Black Edition of Mercedes C63 AMG a Possibility, admits Mercedes

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Edition

Mercedes have confirmed that there is a high possibility of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG to be made available in the Black series.

The Black series models of the AMG powered cars are seen as the insane presentation of power from the German luxury carmaker. The Black series models have been immensely powerful and they provide a huge amount of power over the standard variants.

Mercedes C63 AMG Black Edition

The German luxury carmaker is understood to have been surprised by the huge crowds that the AMG models of the E Class managed to pull at the 2016 LA motor show. The company unveiled the E 63 AMG at this motor show to a lot of positive feedback. The previous edition Black series of the C class was immensely popular and it seems that the makers are keen to replicate the success.

The Mercedes Benz C 63 AMG comes with a 4.0-liter engine with two turbo chargers on board. The V8 configuration coupled with the immense power from the turbos mean that the vehicle manages to pump out an incredible 503 bhp. However, it is widely expected that the C 63 AMG Black model will make more than 600 bhp making it one of the most powerful vehicles in the lineup.

The company recently introduced to the Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG at the LA motor show. Offering the new nine speed transmission, this vehicle comes with sport tuned adaptive suspension on all four wheels. It is a major step up from the setup that was available only at the rear wheels in the previous generation model. The new 4Matic+ all-wheel-drive system is one of the technological showcases in the vehicle, as it will be able to take decouple front axle completely if the situation demands.

2017 Mercedes AMG E63

The system also provides a variable torque split. As expected, it comes with carbon ceramic brakes, exterior night package, and the performance seats from AMG. The night package uses black in place of any chrome or gloss silver on the vehicle. Users will also be able to rejoice in the new yellow stitching provided exclusively for the vehicle. The matte black paint finish is also of the highest order. Unlike the matte finishes on other vehicles, the Mercedes matte finish comes with a ceramic coating that helps maintaining the paint much easier. The North American markets will be getting the 2017 Mercedes Benz E 63 AMG from all showrooms starting from 2017.

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