BlackBerry Android Phone “Rome” and “Hamburg” Seen on Geekbench – Classic is Discontinued

Blackberry Rome

BlackBerry is releasing a high-end phone, codenamed Hamburg and another one codenamed Rome, according to listings seen on Geekbench. These phones are a follow up on BlackBerry Priv.

Rome –Rumors of Specifications

According to, the Rome mobile device will come with a physical keyboard from BlackBerry and is to come with a hexa core CPU. This will be combined with a RAM of 3 GB. The device will run on the Android Marshmallow, 6.0 version, it is rumored. The BlackBerry device has the number STV100-3. As for the Neon, an octa core 600 processor, Snapdragon with the ARM Cortex A53 cores, will power it.

BB10 to be discontinued

There are no other details available about the two devices. Recently, it was announced by BlackBerry that they were stopping the manufacture of the BB10, BlackBerry Classic phone. This news comes soon after another news about the company apparently producing three new phones powered by Android.

Blackberry had introduced the BlackBerry Classic device in December 2014. It was bigger when compared to the Q10 and more capable. BlackBerry fans as well as critics were appreciative of the smartphone. However, BlackBerry is finding it difficult to get its grips on the modern day smartphone market, so many of its devices are being put on hold. The Classic was officially discontinued from the 5th of July 2016.

Blackberry Hamburg

Continued Support

However, BlackBerry has assured users that it continues to offer support for devices that run on the BlackBerry 10 operating system. The company is coming up with the latest update 10.3.3, which is scheduled for release next month. However, the BlackBerry Classic phone is being eliminated from the production queue.

Similarities to BlackBerry Priv

FCC has revealed the new BlackBerry device running on Android, or rather they have revealed it again. The smartphone was initially leaked some weeks ago along with the partner device. Both these phones, codenamed Rome and Hamburg, are BlackBerry phones. The Android version of both these phones will be almost like the one on the BlackBerry Priv, which is the first Android phone by BlackBerry. However, there might be small differences. The Priv comes with a keyboard that slides out, having touchpad abilities.

Expected Features

The Hamburg is expected to come with a bigger touchscreen UI and a flat panel on the front. As for the Rome, it the keyboard will probably be straight up on the front. The Rome will also have curved sides, just like the Priv. Speakers may be on the front side in case of both these new devices. The FCC news is official, but the rest of the details are unofficial.

To know more about the features of the Rome and the Hamburg, we may have to wait till the company reveals the details of release day.

Credible Rumors

Among the rumors, the most credible ones suggest that the company will offer three Android devices, by the end of this year. BlackBerry will probably release the more traditional version initially and then release a keyboard-laden device. The news from Times News shows implies that the first of the Android pack to be released in the US will be the Hamburg. What is to be seen is whether the company will get its pricing right for the devices, this time.

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