Tesla Is Building An Electric Pickup Truck Besides Other Plans

Tesla Is Building An Electric Pickup Truck

The big announcement this week is Tesla’s Part Deux based on which Elon Musk, CEO of the company is going to introduce an electrified pickup truck besides other plans.

Talking in detail about his future plans, Musk revealed that he is keen on pushing technology forward as Tesla did in the past decade. When the company announced its plans to actually roll out an expensive electric car, people hardly wanted it. The Model S sedan slowly became popular, made money and paved way for the Model X SUV. The automobile brand has come a long way and is about to launch Model 3.

A cheap sedan priced at $35,000 ready to make electrified cars common. It is going to push every other manufacturer to adopt electrified vehicles in the near future. While manufacturers are still catching up, Tesla has already announced its master plan deuxaccording to which the company will introduce an electric pickup truck. We have no idea as to how it will work or the performance that it could deliver.

Tesla Electric Pickup Truck

When it comes to pickup trucks, it’s all about the torque and the power it could render. A petrol engine truck could easily deliver what a person needs and even more based on the type of powertrain used. However, the same cannot be said about battery packs because they usually focus on delivering the most mileage. Delivering torque capacity is still a far cry. Tesla may have plans as it won’t be an early launch. The pickup trucks are expected to be out by 2020 or so giving enough time for technology to grow.

Elon Musk is an excited guy at the moment because he made a lot of announcements at the same time in his blog. It’s not just electric pickup trucks that he planned but there are also lorries and buses that Tesla plans to make. While the idea might sound extremely ambitious at the moment, it might become the need of the hour in the next few years.

The auto manufacturer has already set a new benchmark with the Model X SUV which weighs over 2.5 tonnes but can easily go from 0 to 60 in just six seconds. The company plans to use similar technology to build the new range of large vehicles, mainly for public use. Musk even added that people could probably make money in the future with their stationary cars by sharing the solar energy it produces.

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