BlackBerry Android Phones to be sold in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal via Optiemus

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BlackBerry made a decision to ditch its own OS in favor of the highly successful Android OS when it released the Priv back in 2015.

The BlackBerry Priv did not capture many smartphone users, including those who previously owned BlackBerry phones. However, last year saw a change in approach and up to now, many have heaped praise on the two (soon to be three) phones the company has added to the Priv. The DTEK50 and DTEK60 are two great phones (don’t mind their names) that are based on the most secure Android software, according to BlackBerry. On the contrary, the company that is charged with the duties of manufacturing and selling BlackBerry phones across the globe, TCL, will not reach out to all markets in the world.

In order to cater for the markets that TCL won’t be reaching out to, BlackBerry has reportedly put pen to paper on a deal that will see India’s Optiemus Infracom take over the duties of manufacturing and selling BlackBerry Android phones in the country. According to a report put forward by The Economic Times, Optiemus, which is based in Delhi, has landed a deal that will see it make and sell BlackBerry phones for the next 10 years.

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Apparently, the company will only be working on midrange devices, with the prices expected to be between Rs 12,000 ($180) and Rs 20,000 ($300). So far, only the BlackBerry DTEK50 is priced at $300. If all goes according to plan, Optiemus will be selling about 2 million phones per year.

This is swift progress from Optiemus Infracom after the company recently set up smartphone manufacturing facility in India thanks to Taiwan’s Winstron. According to the new report, this is where Optiemus will manufacture the said BlackBerry Android phones and like the DTEKs, BlackBerry will be handling the software side of things.

In addition to India, the BlackBerry-Optiemus deal will also see these BlackBerry Android phones sold in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh as well as Nepal.

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