BlackBerry DTEK70 (Mercury) Front and Back Images Leaked

BlackBerry DTEK70

BlackBerry DTEK70 or the trending BlackBerry Mercury, is expected to be announced at the ongoing CES 2017 event, but we now have a new set of images of what to look forward to.

The phone has been in the rumor mills for quite some time now and while a lot of details have been put out about the supposed BlackBerry DTEK70, we have had rear chances of actually meeting the phone. But just recently, the company teased the phone in a short video, but only the beautiful QWERTY keyboard was on show.

Now, according to new leaked renders, it appears that we now have our first full look at the BlackBerry DTEK70 smartphone – a phone that combines the best of BlackBerry’s old and the new smartphone era. The version that has leaked is black in color and the good side of the story is that the leaked images are for both front and back panels, which basically give us more details into the phone’s design.

From the renders, the front of the BlackBerry DTEK70 is not very different from what has been doing rounds and in fact, the physical QWERTY keyboard in the images has the same looks as what appeared in the teaser video. Just as it had been touted, there are no soft keys on the screen of the DTEK70, instead, those who buy this phone will have to do with physical keys just below the display and above the keyboard.

BlackBerry DTEK70

It is thought that the upcoming BlackBerry DTEK70 will come with a screen size of 4.6 inches, similar to what has been doing rounds citing a screen size of between 4.5 and 4.7 inches. The report further adds that the DTEK70 will come with a Snapdragon 625 processor that is paired with a RAM of 3GB and an internal storage of 32GB. Of course, this should also come with a microSD card storage alongside a huge battery unit of 3400mAh.

The BlackBerry DTEK70 will reportedly be launched today, January 4, just like it had been hinted out earlier this week.

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