Samsung Galaxy S8 Batteries to come from the same Galaxy Note 7 Battery Supplier

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is the current talk of the town despite the fact that the phone has not even received an official launch date.

According to incoming reports, some components of the Galaxy S8, more specifically the battery unit, will be sourced from the same supplier the company had issues with when the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco came to life. Samsung SDI is the division in question and given that it is part of the entire company, most smartphone components used on Samsung phones come from this supplier.

When Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issues first started creeping in, it was thought that the batteries sourced from Samsung SDI were behind the problem. As a result, Samsung stopped using SDI batteries and instead turned to China’s ATL, another secondary supplier of the Note 7 batteries. Unfortunately, the same cases continued appearing even after the recall, something that led to the phone’s existence being terminated for good.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

When recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units also started catching fire, the idea that Samsung SDI had grown complacent in their works due to overreliance on business from its sister divisions started fading away. Back then, it was even rumored that Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 will turn to LG Chem for the supply of battery units. But according to a new report coming from South Korea, the upcoming Galaxy S8 will still use battery units from Samsung SDI.

Perhaps this stems from the fact that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issues were far much beyond the battery division, something that has even seen Samsung renew its deal with the division regarding the supply of batteries for the Galaxy S8 and other phones. Whether Samsung will also decide to diversify the batteries used on the S8 or not like it happened with the Note 7 is still unknown, but it highly likely as the company looks for every means possible to avoid another repeat of the Note 7 fiasco.

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