BlackBerry to Launch Two Android-Powered Smartphones in 2016

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry released the Priv last year to become the first ever Android smartphone to be powered by Android OS.

It seems the BlackBerry Priv saw some reasonable success; success that has prompted the Canadian company to come in with more BlackBerry smartphones running on this world popular operating system.

If the latest rumors are to be trusted, then this year will see the company come in with two more Android-powered smartphones. Well, as noted, these are just rumors and even though the company had hinted earlier in the year that it will not be coming in with BB10-based devices, there is no word of when to see the next Android-powered BlackBerry smartphones.

Still, the smartphone world is always full of rumors, especially its big names in the industry such as BlackBerry and Google. The incoming word from the streets of the Czech Republic claims that this year, BlackBerry will be releasing two phones based on the Android OS. At the moment, the details are still very unclear; however, given that the company has no major devices to showcase in the Android world apart from the BlackBerry Priv, news of newer devices will be a welcome for many enthusiasts.

BlackBerry Hamburg and BlackBerry Rome

The source, which is associated with a BlackBerry-focused website in the European country, adds that the two devices to be released this year have the codenames BlackBerry “Hamburg” and BlackBerry “Rome.”

According to the site, the difference between these two smartphones is that while the BB Rome comes with high-end features that are aimed at the more established markets, the Hamburg will feature trimmed-down specs of the high-end model. The Rome will also take the approach of last year’s BlackBerry Priv, featuring both a physical QWERTY and touchscreen keyboard. The report says that BlackBerry will omit the traditional physical keyboard in the Hamburg variant, with the phone only featuring the touchscreen option.

BlackBerry Priv

Release date

As mentioned earlier, a lot of the information about the rumored BlackBerry Android-powered smartphones is still unclear. However, there is one thing that looks certain about the report. If all factors remain constant, the new BlackBerry Hamburg will be released in Autumn while the Rome will follow up later on before the year comes to an end.

It can be hard to believe any speculations, but these are what make the smartphone industry lively. With the latest revelations, it can be hard to believe. However, given that the rumored phones have familiar codenames (BlackBerry Priv had the codename “Venice”), it is possible that they could be on the way.

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