Facebook Messenger to Add Airline Booking Services Soon

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has been moving from being a chat-only application into an e-commerce-based platform, offering almost similar services as what China’s WeChat offers.

Several players have found their way onto this platform already, with the big names being Uber, Everlane, Walmart, Hyatt, and Spotify, all of which have their apps living within the Messenger app. With these apps, the more than 800 million people that use Facebook Messenger actively on a monthly basis are able to access the services of these companies right from within their favorite chatting app.

According to the latest reports, passengers of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will soon be able to access the services of this airline company right from within the Messenger app. In short, you will be able to check in, receive updates on flights, and make travel plan changes as well as access customer services without having to leave the Facebook-owned chat app.

KLM is the first airline to jump to Facebook Messenger

When Facebook introduced the Messenger Platform, it was meant for developers to come in with third party apps that can still offer their services to the world by taking advantage of the huge audience on the app. KLM is the first airline to come on board and in fact, it is the first major European company to come to the Messenger platform.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Messenger has more than 800 million users. With this audience, companies are guaranteed that their services will reach many people from all over the world. On the other hand, Facebook sees serving their customers as the best way of bringing its services to users. This is the same channel that its Messenger for Business platform is meant to take. Facebook has the belief that sooner or later, everyone using the Messenger platform will be talking to businesses and making transactions with these entities through the app.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is trying to do what WeChat has already succeeded doing in China. People living in the country can hail a cab, schedule an appointment, book a flight or restaurant, shop for clothes or even send money to friends using the app, among other things. It’s great convenience to have all of these services tied up in one app as users don’t have to jump from one app to another in order to complete a given task.

With messaging reportedly on a growing trend, the idea of bolstering its stand in the industry with such moves is not such a huge surprise. Facebook also owns another major app in the messaging market – WhatsApp. However, the company is still exploring ways in which to make money out of its two leading chat apps.

KLM has an app of its own, but the company concedes that it’s not as popular as Facebook Messenger, hence the need for such a partnership. There is no definite date as to when KLM passengers will start accessing services of their most favorite airline inside the Messenger app.

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