Blizzard Investigates Overwatch DDOS Attacks, Banned Cheaters Suspected

Blizzard Investigates Overwatch DDOS Attacks

The DDOS attack carried on Overwatch and Blizzard’s servers lasted for a short period before the developers managed to gain control of them all.

The issue began when players started reporting that they were unable to gain access to their user ids. The company quickly recognized the issue and started looking further into the source of the attack. Every popular title which is part of the group was affected by this unidentified attack.

Titles including Overwatch, Hearthstone and World of Warcraft were unplayable for a couple of hours. In their statement, Blizzard engineers said, “Our engineering team is addressing the network issues and we will surely find a way to fix this attack. We thank you for your patience. Just hang in there while we fix the issue.”

It’s all in the past now as Overwatch continues to run smoothly and doesn’t have any DDOS issues. Hacking group named PoodleCorp claimed responsibility for this attack. They have been doing such malicious acts on many titles including the popular PokemonGo.

However, the investigation has been triggered in a different route. Overwatch players were banned for cheating in the game and it is suspected that they could be part of this PoodleCorp. By taking down Blizzard, they might want to showcase their protest in an illegal manner.


The timing of the DDOS attack is surprising as it happened as soon as the development team announced the summer Olympics update. The entire game now looks different with brand new menu screen and new skins for the heroes. The update also included a dedicated soccer game where players will use the heroes powers and ultimate abilities to guide the ball to the goal.

Named as the Lucioball, it offered unlimited fun to gamers and was addictive. But, within hours since the launch, the servers stopped working and none were able to login. Blizzard has confirmed that they will take this DDOS attack seriously. They are going to trigger investigation in every direction to find the people responsible.

As the same group claimed to have attacked Pokemon Go servers, Nintendo and other companies might join the hunt. For now, there are no issues. If you like to login and enjoy a game of Overwatch or any other Blizzard title for that matter, you can do so now. There are no issues and developers promised that they will ensure such issues are identified at an earlier stage before it affects the servers.

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