4 Key Differences That Makes The Xbox One S A Must Buy

4 Key Differences That Makes The Xbox One S A Must Buy

Most of you might be wondering whether going for an Xbox One S console makes sense.

Here’s give key differences that justifies why the new edition of the console is a must buy for ardent gamers.

While Xbox One and Playstation 4 have its own fair share of pros and cons, the new S edition is a great jump for those who already own the previous edition of the console. Microsoft learned a lot from the past and has been continuously making changes to make the hardware better. We should say they have done a great job especially with it reaching its end of life cycle.

Size matters

The new Xbox One S console is at least forty percent smaller than the original edition. It’s such a saving grace. When the first one was launched in 2013, people mocked it as it looked like a huge VCR and very retro rather than being modern. The S looks smaller and weighs just 6.4 pounds. It comes bundled with a vertical stand to maintain that slim profile.

Xbox One S

Bigger Hard Disk

You can easily buy the 1TB variant priced at $349. The pricing is just right and with 1 terabytes of space, it is more than enough to keep all your games in place. If it ain’t enough, there’s another option. Xbox One S 2 TB edition is available for $399 and the excess space will ensure all modern day AAA titles can be installed in the machine, ideal for players who own more digital copies of their favorite games.

4K and HDR Capability

When it comes to specification, the console comes out with flying colors one more time. Powered by a 1.7GHz AMD 8-core processor and 8GB of RAM, the machine can easily handle HDR output. It also supports 4K video streaming for the first time at 2160p resolution. Microsoft has set a new benchmark for console entertainment which is on par with modern day advancements.

Controller Is Much Better

Very minor changes are made to the Xbox One S controller. It is tough to notice them but the device feels good in hand as it always has been. If you are a fan of the Playstation 4 controller, you are sure to hate the bulky design but for everyone else, it’s the best you could get in the market not just for Xbox One consoles but for PC gaming as well.

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