Blockbuster Sale Underway at Playstation Store, AAA Titles on PS4 Gets Discounts

Blockbuster Sale AAA Titles on PS4 Gets Discounts

A huge blockbuster sale is underway right now at the Playstation store.

A lot of popular AAA titles, blockbuster hits and other games on the PS4 console are being sold with discounts up to 50% off or even 60% off if you are PS Plus subscriber.

Some of the most popular titles of all time is being sold with big discounts that makes the Playstation store sale amazing. Titles like Destiny The Collection, the newly launched horror game Outlast 2, The Surge and many more are part of the sale. While majority of the games are for the Playstation 4 console, some of them are out for the PS3 and the PS Vita consoles. A couple of notable movies are also being sold for discount prices so that you could get your weekend dose of blockbuster flicks.

If you love horror genre, get Alien Isolation for just $8.99. All the pricing mentioned here are for PS Plus subscribers and as most PS4 owners would have got the subscription, it shouldn’t be a problem. Even if you haven’t the price is slightly higher by a couple of dollars and not more as part of the Store sale.

Blockbuster Sale the surge AAA title

Must Buy AAA Titles

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass – sold at $39.99 especially if you love multiplayer shooters and like to enjoy WW1 shooter that offers months of continuous gameplay with an active online community.

Borderlands The Handsome Collection – Costs $19.79 and easily the most engaging shooter with unique graphics and some of the most memorable characters to fight with or against.

Destiny The Collection – Costs $29.99 including all the special content, packs released so far.

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EA Sports FIFA 17 – Priced at $15.99, it is the cheapest that it could get for your PS4 console and definitely a sports game that feels fun even after months, especially the ultimate team gameplay.

Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition – Costs just $29.99 and includes all the latest packs, expansions. The base game is just slightly cheaper than this one and buying the deluxe version sounds like a better deal.

Blockbuster Sale AAA title destnity collection

More Games and Movies

For PS Vita, you can go for Toukiden 2 at $27.99, Final fantasy X-2 HD Remaster at $19.99 while PS3 gamers get Devil Mary Cry HD Collection for $5.99, Darksiders 1&2 with DLCs at $9.99 and there’s also EA Sports FIFA 17 for $15.99.

Movies like Back to the Future collection, A-Team, Don’t Breathe, Hacksaw Ridge and many more are also discounted as part of the Playstation store Attack of the Blockbuster sale.


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