BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz Sedans are More Popular than Tesla Model S

BMW Audi and Mercedes Benz

Ever since the craze on electric cars began, most customers who own a Tesla Model S sedan believe that it is the most popular premium sedan in the market.

However, it is more of a myth that electric car owners love to believe. Despite the big push the electric vehicles have received in the automobile market, they still form a very meager share of total sales and the reasons are plenty. Cars from BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz are still the top sellers. Whenever buyers are interested in going for premium sedans, in most scenarios if not all the time they prefer a well-known brand which runs on a conventional petrol powertrain. The sedan can easily offer them the speed, fuel efficiency and the comfort besides a more affordable pricing for the basic features.

Tesla Model S

An analyst from a top automobile magazine revealed after going through a lot of market trends that Tesla Model S is not the best-selling luxury sedan in the market. Most people are still not aware of the fact that it is not a full-sized luxury car whereas the BMW 7 series and Mercedes S-Class are full-sized vehicles. While the sedans from Tesla managed to sell most numbers in the United States in 2016, it doesn’t compete with cars in that segment.

Pricing plays an integral role as the Model S is starts at $66,000 while the BMW 7 series is at $82,500 and when all the packages are added, it goes up to $138,000. The BMW 5 series is much cheaper at $50,000 and the analyst adds all these factors to support the claim that the Model S is hardly anywhere close to the BMW or Mercedes cars. When it doesn’t directly compete with these models in terms of size and pricing, it cannot be claimed as the most popular sedan in the market.

BMW Audi and Mercedes Benz

Tesla has been going strong in the segment by launching multiple variants of their sedan and SUV. They are about to come up with the Model 3 to appeal to the budget segment. Priced at $35,000, the new car will run up to 250 miles on a single charge and has the potential to change the electric vehicle sector drastically. Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford are gearing up to compete with this new EV that shows much promise. Tesla is also working on adding self-driving capabilities to their car but for now conventional models are still more popular than EVs.

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