Warning: 90% of “Genuine” iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Accessories on Amazon are Fake

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus

Amazon is the leading online retailer not just in the U.S., but also around the world. However, the company’s good reputation might be destined to an end following some shocking discoveries by Apple.

According to the Cupertino Company, close to 90% of all iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and even iPhone 4 accessories that include chargers and cables, being sold on Amazon.com are not genuine as the retailer claims. This comes after Apple purchased more than 100 iPhone accessories from the retailer while making sure that none of them was bought from a third-party seller on the platform.

Since the products were directly sold by Amazon.com, Apple has filed a lawsuit against the retailer. In defending its actions, Amazon has named Mobile Star LLC as its supplier for the said Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and other iPhone accessories. Surprisingly, the products are labeled as genuine and official, a claim Apple has dismissed in its court case.

Apple says that these iPhone accessories being sold by Amazon are poorly constructed, have some missing or inferior components, they come with inadequate electrical insulation and they also feature a flawed design. But since the giant retailer has an established reputation, customers are easily fooled into buying these products thinking that they are indeed from Apple.

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus

With such products, Apple says that iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 users may easily find themselves facing the risks of electrical shocks, even when the devices are in normal use, thanks to the poor electrical insulation. Apple has been buying products from Amazon.com over the last 9 months with an aim of testing them as part of a crackdown on fake products being sold to taint the company’s otherwise clean brand.

In further defending its status, in this case, Amazon was quick to point out that it has zero tolerance for selling of fake products on its platform and in case of any such cases, it pursues wrongdoers aggressively.

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