BMW Claims their i Flagship Car in 2021 will have Level 5 Autonomous Rating

BMW Vision Next 100

BMW is working towards the future and their i Flagship cars are quite innovative at every corner.

The cars will continue to evolve at a rapid pace that the company believes the 2021 models will have a level 5 autonomous rating.

The highest rating will allow passengers to relax in the car as it is streamlined to drive on its own irrespective of traffic or climatic conditions. The report comes from Elmar Frickenstein, senior vice president at BMW who is in charge of building autonomous vehicles in the near future. Talking to a leading automobile magazine in Berlin, he commented, “We are building our way towards creating the autonomous cars of the future. The cars which will get launched in 2021 will have autonomous level 3, 4 and 5.”

BMW i Flagship Car 2021

Creating an autonomous vehicle doesn’t stop with automobile industry as technology plays an integral role in bringing it to the real world. Apple has been considering manufacturing cars of its own. BMW will receive the technical expertise from top brands including Intel and Mobileye. Both these companies will be in charge of the sensors, operating system, data management and connected car technology which will contribute to allowing the BMW i Flagship models in 2021 to achieve a Level 5 Autonomous rating.

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Any autonomous vehicle with Level 3 is quite an achievement for the automobile industry. BMW is one among many brands trying to accomplish this feat and going all the way till Level 5 is a huge accomplishment of the century. Drivers will no longer have to worry about controlling the car or driving it in tight traffic conditions. Instead, they can conveniently relax but will always have the option to take control of the car any time when needed.

BMW Vision Next 100

However, the sci-fi movie styled BMW i series with Level 5 doesn’t need a person to be in the car. The autonomous capability is highly improvised at this level. It will allow a person to call their car using the smartphone and it will reach out of the parking lot to wherever the passenger is waiting. The idea will also lead to automated driving, shared cab rides and solve parking issues as cars can find a location anywhere in the surrounding area ready to reach their owner as soon as they control it, probably using a smartphone app. Many of the ideas are theoretical and there’s still time before the future really kicks in.

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